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Some folks want to grow their herbs inside, and it can be done! I personally prefer mine outside or in the greenhouse. It's a matter of personal preference and whether or not you have the appropriate indoor set up. Herbs need A LOT of light, so you will definitely need a grow light or fluorescent shop-type light. Windows do not generally supply enough light to keep a plant happy, unless you have a sunroom, then that might suffice. Also, air needs to be "moving" if you are growing plants inside, to prevent mold problems. A small fan should be enough to keep the air flow going. These are just a few things that need to be addressed for inside growing.

Plants like a little humidity, and inside a home can be dry, especially in winter when the heat is on. A humidifier will help. If you don't have one, then spraying the plants with a mist of water several times a week will help.

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