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I will include a sampling here of some of the things I sell locally and on  Some of the items can be found most of the season. However, there are some herbs that are not always available due to climate and/or season.   Cilantro and Dill are two herbs that will be more abundant in the fall, as they like cooler weather. In case you had noticed, that is why it is difficult to find CILANTRO and DILL at the market in the summer!!
My jewelweed soap a/k/a poison ivy soap as well as some of the dried herbs and tea blends, and seeds an be purchased by contacting me.
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Various Culinary Herbs
I offer a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, which I grow myself in beds. I try to always have Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Tarragon, Parsley, Basil, and Cilantro and occasionally even Dill!! (In the dead of summer it is almost impossible to keep Cilantro and Dill, they just don't like hot weather) I also grow Evening Primrose, elderberry, valerian, nasturtium, chamomile, echinacea (purple cone flower), lemon grass, st. johns wort, elecampane, feverfew.... just to name a few! I grow limited succulents, as well, which includes aloe, stonecrop and sedums, and hens & chicks. I sell my plants at the farmers market during the season, and at various plant sales at my residence. Contact me for more information or to purchase plants.


Handmade herbal soap

My soaps are amended with Aloe and vitamin E. My most popular soap is Poison Ivy Soap, also known as Jewelweed Soap as it contains jewelweed herb. The soap eliminates the oils of poison ivy from your skin if used soon after exposure to the ivy. Also keeps the itch down! I also offer a lavender goats milk soap, so good for your skin!


Dried Herbs and Teas and Tinctures, oh my!

I offer dried culinary and medicinal herbs and flowers, separately or as blends for tea. Herbal tinctures are available as well, extractions made with apple cider vinegar (for children or those who cannot have alcohol) and some with grain alcohol - you choose which tincture is best for you! Seasonal elderberry syrup is available as well, September through May.

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