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A little bit about me.....
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It all started in the garden.....
My name is Debbie Hill, and in 2011 I relocated from Marietta, Georgia, where I lived for 19 years, to Dallas, GA. I enjoy growing many different types of herbs, from the usual culinary herbs such as basil, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, etc., to the medicinal herbs such as evening primrose, St. John's wort, etc., many of which are perennials which bear beautiful blooms! I also grow different types of gourds, strawberries, flowers, and vegetables. I make use of any spot of ground I can, and pots as well.
From the time I was a tiny three year old child I grew up in a home located on several acres in a rural community, and our family had a rather large garden each year. My grandfather, Floyd Carroll, who was a Methodist minister and a gardener, is the one I believe i inherited most of my "green thumb" from. The feel of the dirt in my hands brings back pleasant memories and is soothing to my spirit. To see the tiny seeds I plant become beautiful plants is always a miracle to me! I never grow tired of gardening! As you can imagine, I do not fancy winter months too much! I am an outdoors kinda girl!
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My favorite helpers....

One of My Daughters,Georgia
Georgia has the plant bug, too! She helps me a lot.

my bee-you-ti-ful grandsons, Tommy and Gavin!
Easter 2014

Grandpa Floyd with my girls

my garden.....
is constantly changing with the seasons. New ideas and new plants are always in the works!

My Granddaughter, Gracious Evangaline (Grace)

Grace's mom, my daughter Ginny

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